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With a heavy heart, we share the news to our friends and colleagues, the passing of our mentor, Fred Stottlemyer, this day the 25th of December, 2018, in the state of West Virginia, USA. Fred Stottlemyer was the founder of our organization Agua Y Desarrollo Comunitario (ADEC) (English: Water and Community Development) and furthermore was the pioneer in building the first treatment plant from the water source "El Chiflador", that benefits more than 5,000 people in the city of Marcala, La Paz, Honduras. With the serenity, resignation, y greatness that accompanies this new hour, we should gather and recognize the best of his legacy. May his soul rest in peace and God receive him in his holy glory. Our most sincere condolences to his family, colleagues, and friends.

illustrated water drops

IRWA Mission

The International Rural Water Association (IRWA) works to increase the availability of Safe-Reliable water supplies in rural areas of Central America. We do this by supporting in-country NGO’s which train and hire local people to work as Circuit Riders. Each Circuit Rider is a trained water technician who travels by motorcycle to monitor and advise approximately 60 community water systems in his or her assigned area.

Studies have shown that the vast majority of rural water supply systems built in developing nations fail well before their full design life of 20 years is reached. The IRWA Circuit Riders are effectively reversing this trend and helping the communities to realize the full potential of their projects. This is accomplished not only by providing the critical technical services small communities cannot afford on their own to resolve operational problems, but also by offering training to each community in proper hygiene and sanitation, which are so essential to improving health outcomes. The provision of Circuit Rider services is substantially more cost effective, in terms of project-years of operation realized, than investment in new construction. The ultimate goal of IRWA is to increase the number of rural communities with Safe-Reliable water each year, and so we feel strongly that this is by far the most effective approach.


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IRWA Programs

IRWA exists to provide financial and technical support for the folks on the ground in Honduras (ADEC) working to improve access to clean water in their home areas.


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Happy Children’s Day!


In honor of Children’s Day, Circuit Rider Oneida represented ADEC in the community of Marcala. It was a celebration for the kids but also a celebration of the completion of the program “Clean and Happy.” It was a day filled with fun sharing it with 49 happy boys and girls of that community.

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Meeting in Ceibita


This past Monday, Circuit Rider Elias met with the water committee of Ceibita. In the meeting he explained what the community could do in order to pay a better water service fee. He also shared ways to better the rational use of water, which was announced to change the data. These suggestions will help the community…

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