About IRWA

IRWA is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to the development of a Circuit Rider based technical assistance and community training program to build sustainability in community water systems in developing countries.

women of the community vowing to take care of their water system


IRWA – is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organized for the purpose of promoting and supporting the Circuit Rider model for building sustainable water and sanitation systems in developing countries. IRWA is managed by volunteers who are dedicated to the principal of developing local capacities as a means for building strong sustainable community services.

History – IRWA was originally formed by the National Rural Water Association which established the first water Circuit Rider program in the United States in 1976. NRWA started the International Circuit Rider effort in 1994 and provided the primary financial and administrative support for the program for 20 years. IRWA became an independent organization in 2015. IRWA is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Over 95% of IRWA’s funds are used for direct program purposes in Central America. Financial Reports are available upon request.


Board of Directors

Nick Wobbrock, Chairperson, Engineer, Peace Corps volunteer Honduras 2007-09, Doctors Without Borders Africa 2013,  Oregon

Eric Harrison, Vice Chairperson – Attorney and Engineer, Peace Corps Volunteer to Honduras 2006-07, Washington

Peter Rogers, Treasurer – Engineering professor, Georgia Southern University, Peace Corps Volunteer to Honduras,  Georgia

Fred Stottlemyer, Retired water system manager, Peace Corps Volunteer Pakistan 1962-64, IRWA volunteer since 1997, West Virginia

Chris Bordlemay Padilla has been a water system manager since 1991 and is currently managing Cornell University’s water system. He has worked as a volunteer in Honduras since 2008 with Aguaclara, ADEC, IRWA, and the University of Illinois.

Adam Brakhane assists with community data collection, the IRWA website, and electromechanical projects. He is also on the board of Akelos, a non-profit organization that serves water projects all over the world. He has been working with ADEC in Honduras since 2013.


IRWA Volunteer Staff

Engineering  Advisor – John Nolan is an engineer and former Peace Corps volunteer to Honduras

International Circuit Rider  Fred Stottlemyer spends approximately 25% of his time in Honduras both providing assistance to the partner organization and working on the development of new sustainable water treatment systems.

International Circuit Rider — Lupe Aragon  Circuit Rider with the New Mexico Rural Water Association has been volunteering with IRWA since 1996.


Advisory Panel

Yadira Bordlemay Padilla is a mechanical engineer originally from Honduras who currently works at Cornell University. She assists IRWA with design calculations, cultural sensitivities, engineering advice, and translations.