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Over 95% of All Donations to IRWA Will Be Used Directly For Support of the Programs of Our Central American Partners

women of the community vowing to take care of their water system
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171 5th St
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
T: 503-705-7720

You Can Make A Direct Impact By

Supporting a Circuit Rider

$ 20 will provide a community with Circuit Rider’s support for a month
$ 240 will provide a community with Circuit Rider’s support for a year.
$ 1,000 will support a Circuit Rider’s work in 50 communities for a month

Donors interested in supporting the expansion of the Circuit Rider program to currently unserved areas should contact IRWA at the address below

Providing a safe water solution for a family or community

$ 50 will provide a family with a home treatment unit
$ 250 will provide a community with a chlorination system
$ 1200 will provide a community with a 1500 gallon storage tank with a chlorination system

Donate online through PayPal (does not require a PayPal account)
All donations go to ADEC in Honduras.


You may also mail donations to

171 5th. St.
Lake Oswego, OR 97304
Phone  503-705-7720




Our most recent Form 990 is available here. Our EIN is 73-1318499