Installation of Chlorinator in Pule, San José

Posted on August 14, 2018 in Blog

Honduran countryside

Circuit Rider Isaí has made an impact in the community of Pule, San José. He previously visited the area to take samples of the water, which happened to be contaminated. In seeing those results and meeting with the community, he made the suggestion that they should have a chlorinating system. The community came together and funded their own system. However, they seemed to still be having issues. Upon another visit, Isaí suggested that they use the tablet chlorinating system that ADEC has perfected. With everyone’s agreement, Isaí installed the new tablet chlorinator and made sure that the rest of the chlorinator was working properly. The community of Pule, San José now has a working tablet chlorinator which benefits 600 people. Isaí will continue to monitor the system while training plumbers to take care of the tablet chlorinator.

Homemade chlorinator

Chlorinator designed by ADEC