IRWA-ADEC Partner with University of Illinois Engineering class

Posted on April 5, 2015 in Blog, Project Implementation

Honduran countryside

March, 2015– Twenty University of Illinois students and their instructor and mentors spent eight days living in the village of Fatima working on the design of a water system for the community.

April ,2014 — Fifteen University of Illinois students spent the past eight days living in the village of Las Queseras training the ADEC circuit riders and several ADEC masons in how to build  ferro-cement water tank. Two tanks were constructed through a partnership between ADEC the Worldwide Water Alliance of Florida and IRWA. These tanks will be incorporated into a new community water system. The training of the ADEC staff and contract masons provides ADEC with a more economical method of constructing water storage tanks in remote areas where it is difficult and costly to transport traditional materials.



January 6,2014 — A design team including the U. of Illinois instructor, a student representative of the class and IRWA representative are leaving the frigid Midwest for Honduras to meet with ADEC and the community to discuss the preliminary design report and to conduct detailed surveys needed to complete the final design for Las Queseras.

IRWA and ADEC have developed a working relationship with an engineering class at the University of Illinois whereby the class has taken on the task of developing a drinking water system for the community of La Queseras ,La paz , Honduras. The students have spent the past semester learning about the principals of development work including the cultural and political elements and in developing a preliminary plan for the water system.