Santa Ana River Study

Posted on August 20, 2018 in Blog

Honduran countryside

Last week, Circuit Riders, Elias, Carlos and Isai visited the community of Santa Ana, La Paz, Honduras. They were accompanied by Jose De La Paz Chicas. Jose is a community member of Santa Ana, as well as the plumber for the water tank. The purpose of their visit was to gather information about the community river. In taking measurements of the river flow, and the amount of water in a certain area, Circuit Riders can find any issues dealing with the water tank or the chlorinator. These studies help in understanding which repairs to make or what part of the tank or chlorinator needs maintenance. Jose was thankful for the visit and appreciated the assistance of the Circuit Riders who taught him the process. He will be implementing what he learned to make sure that the tank and chlorinator are being maintained correctly. Once a month, a Circuit Rider will visit this community to do a maintenance check and give any advice to improve the process for Jose.